About Timberlyn

About Timberlyn

Timberlyn has a strange story as to its origin

Founder and President Dave Dornfeld had previously owned and operated an electrical contractor named Juice Unlimited in the early ’80s. That firm’s main focus was new store electrical construction for Wal-Mart, who began migrating into the Midwest from Arkansas. After those ten years of wiring 59 new Wal-Marts and Sam’s clubs, the business model needed changing due to farther travel distances and costs. To move more into regional electrical service, Dave contacted one of his old contacts at Wal-Mart. When asked if there were any electrical service opportunities, the Walmart contact replied, “If you’re not too proud as an electrician to patch holes in parking lot surfaces, I’ve got all kinds of work for you.” So guess what Dave did for the next couple of months. At one of those small Indiana stores, he went in to get his paperwork signed by the manager after the asphalt work was completed and noticed that the store’s 8’ T12 fluorescent lighting was so dim, it almost seemed purple.

So, Dave grabbed his multi-meter from the truck and identified an internal ballast defect which was later confirmed by the manufacturer.That translated into warranty re-ballasting (500-1000 units per store) about 550 stores over a two year period. So much for asphalt patching. That was the springboard that helped Timberlyn strengthen its relationship with Wal-Mart, and in 1995 Timberlyn became a charter group relamping contractor for them, as they became one of the last retailers to adopt that practice. Timberlyn has had several minor name changes along the way, Timberlyn Construction, Timberlyn Electric, Timberlyn Lighting. Presently it’s simply Timberlyn, with many more types and scopes of work and multiple clients. With all of Timberlyn’s past and current great team members’ involvement, “The future is wide open,” as one rock and roller once said.

– Dave Dornfeld, President

Timberlyn Values

A reflection of what we stand for as a company
  • We are one team.
  • We believe in people.
  • We are hardworking.
  • We are committed to constant improvement.
  • We deliver on promises.
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