Lighting Services

Lighting Services

The lighting in your facility impacts more than what you “see”.

It affects sales, productivity, safety, employee morale and your electric bill, just to name a few. Timberlyn offers a wide array of services to make sure you’re getting the most from your lighting. And we self-perform the majority of our work, which means you get the highest quality of work and the best bang for your buck. Please see below for an overview of our lighting services.

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LED Upgrades

There are very few investments that offer the same kind of return on investment (ROI) that an LED lighting upgrade does. Whether you’re just looking for a labor partner or you want us to handle everything to make your lighting upgrade seamless, we have you covered.  On a turnkey project we offer all of the following services (or you can pick ala carte):

  • Lighting audit and analysis
  • System design
  • Fixture & material procurement
  • Installation
  • Commissioning of controls (if applicable)
  • Recycling of all hazardous materials
  • Assistance with rebates and tax incentives
  • Financing options
Interior Lighting Maintenance

Interior Lighting Maintenance

In a retail environment, just having a few lights out can have a major impact on sales. We will work with you to customize a maintenance program tailored to your business. This can include any of the following:

  • Group relamping
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Fixture cleaning
  • Testing of emergency lights and exit signs
  • Minor electrical repairs

Exterior Lighting Maintenance

Your exterior lighting not only gives the first impression to your patrons but even more importantly, it can impact the safety and security of your facility. We can also upgrade your exterior lighting to LED.  Either way, you’ll:

  • Have a brighter and better-looking facility
  • Reduce your maintenance and operating costs
  • Reduce your risk of theft and lawsuits
Exterior Lighting

Lighting Rollout Programs

If you’re looking for a labor partner to implement a lighting rollout program, we have you covered.  As a self-performing company, we’ll get the job done right and you’ll have consistency from one location to another.  We’ll provide you a single point of contact to manage your program. We’ve installed thousands of LED upgrades of all types.  Let us put our extensive project management experience to work for you!

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We are a self performing installation contractor, which ensures every install meets the quality you demand and deserve. Our experience pays dividends when it is time to update your lighting.


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