Solar Installation Services

Solar Installation Services

We look forward to harvesting the power of the sun with you.

At Timberlyn, we strive to provide you with simple solar installation. Our team of project managers, electricians, and technicians work with top tier solar professionals to design a system that makes the best sense for you.

Investing in solar energy gives you a tax incentive and makes you energy independent. Customers have many questions before they get started. Don’t go into it alone. Let our team guide you through the solar process.


Qualify for Incentives and Rebates

Solar Energy for Business
Solar Energy for Agricultural


Why are farms great for solar?


Generate your own power and SAVE $$$

  • Increase your property value
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Lock in energy costs for the future
  • Take advantage of incentives
Solar Energy for your Home

Looking for help with installations. Timberlyn provides skilled support!

If you are looking for a labor partner to help you execute solar installations, Timberlyn has you covered. As a self-performing installation company, we can provide support to your team no matter the situation. We can provide Project Managers, Electricians, and DC (Mechanical) technicians to help create the perfect team and accomplish your goals.

NABCEP Certification

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Get a free solar consultation!

Gain freedom from the utility company and generate your own power!


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